Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Zinggl
Wehrgasse 22/15
1050 Vienna
Phone: 0043 699 11099103


Curriculum Vitae

1954                born in Vienna, Primary School in St. Paul Minnesota; Gymnasium in Vienna

MA / University of Applied Arts;  PhD Psychology / University Vienna

1974 – 1984     Set designs for film and theater

since    1988     Numerous teaching assignments at various Universities see below

1988 – 1996     Art critic for the magazin “Falter” (about 400 articles, critiques reviews)

since    1993     Founding and managing of the activist artist group WochenKlausur – art as a concrete sociopolitical intervention – with 42 internationally projects so far conducted in US., Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland, U.K., Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Macedonia.

1992 – 1993     Assistant Professorship. Department for Design at Technical University Vienna

1995 – 1997     Editor of the art magazine Zur Sache

1995 – 1996     Visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna

1997 – 2000      Austrians Federal Curator for Visual Arts

1997 – 2004     Director of the Depot – Center for Art and Discussion. More than 600 events (lectures, discussions, symposia, seminars, workshops etc.)

1998 – 2002     Member of the UNESCO Culture Committee

1998                Author of the government report “Reform of Austrian Cultural Policy” commissioned by Chancellor Victor Klima

1998 –  2004    “Mission to Order” 200 lectures held on the history of ideas in art

1999                Participation at the Venice Biennial representing Austria

2000 –  2003    Curator for “Artistic Intervention in Cultural Landscape Research” under the commission of the Federal Ministry of Science

2000 – 2004     Member of the public trust council at the ORF (Austrias National Broadcasting Company)

2004 – 2019     Member of the Austrian parliament

2007 – 2013     Chairman of the supervisory board at the MUMOK Museum of Modern Art

2007 – 2013     Member of the foundation board at the Ludwig Foundation

2014                Golden decoration of the Austrian Republic

2018 – 2019     Member of the foundation council at the Margaretha Lupac Foundation



1988 – 1995 Contemporary Art (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

1988 – 1999 Perceptual Psychology (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

1991 – 1992 Perceptual Theories (Art History Department, University of Graz)

1992 – 1993 Assistant Professorship. Department for Design at Technical University, Vienna

1992 – 1993 Perceptual Theories (Art History Department, University of Vienna)

1991 – 1995 Art Psychology (Psychology Department, University of Vienna)

1992 – 1996 Morphology of Visual Art (University of Applied Art, Vienna)

1992 – 1997 Art History of Modernism (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

1995 – 1996 Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Art, Vienna

1995 – 1996 Art History of Modernism (Art History Department, University of Vienna)

1998 – 1999 Art Criticism (Art History Department, University of Vienna)

2002 – 2003 Art as Social Intervention (Educational Department, University of Graz)

2002 – 2003 Art and Public Space (Department of Social Sciences, University of Graz)

2020 ­– 2020 Delocated Art (University of Applied Art, Vienna)

See lots of international lectures at

Due to 26 years of activity, my theoretical and practical contributions have succeeded in expanding the concept of art far beyond its traditional terrain towards politics, society and science. This has required efforts in the fields of teaching at universities, in the media, as a long-time art critic, with productions in art institutions, publications and the activities as a federal art curator and finally as a cultural politician in the National Council. Creative and formative  energies can be used excellently for the further development of our living together. I am constantly making my contribution to this.